Piles , Fistula and Fissure surgery

Disorders of the peri-anal region like piles (haemorrhoids), Fistula-in-ano and fissure-in-ano are very common in our population. Fissures are especially common in young women who present with constipation and painful bleeding during passing stools.. Most of these fissures respond to dietary modification and local ointments but in some a minor surgery gives a permanent cure.

Likewise piles present with painless bleeding. Piles will be of different grades requiring various types of treatment like injection of piles, rubber band ligation and in some protruding piles, surgery. Laser and stapler piles surgery are routinely performed by Dr.P.Radhakrishna.

Fisula-in-ano present with small openings near the anus with pus discharge from them. These either occur spontaneously or after drainage of a peri-anal abscess. These definitely require surgical treatment for cure.

Dr.Radhakrishna is an expert in treating the above disease utilizing the most modern technology and majority of these are performed as a day procedure.